Action towards eliminating of the avoidable burden of Non-Communicable disease in Sri Lanka

Nearly 80% of NCD deaths occur in lower and middle-income countries.

Sri Lanka is not exceptional, NCDs are the leading cause of death.

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The global burden and threat of Noncommunicable diseases constitute a significant public health challenge that undermines social, economical development and lag the progression of achieving 2030 United Nation, Sustainable development Goals.

Studies had found out that 70% of premature deaths in Adults are linked back to risk factors exposures during the children and Adolescent time. We believe influencing the young people can bring a sustainable solution to NCDs problem!

NCDs - Sri Lanka

NCDs rank among the top 10 causes of premature death in Sri Lanka

The key drivers of the NCD burden are population ageing, effects of globalization on marketing and trade and rapid urbanization.

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Guidance for NCDS

Comprehensive Guide for People livig with NCDs in Sri Lanka. This Guide Aim to provide related information on health topics and viability of services in Sri lanka

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