COVID-19: Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country prepared

Updated: May 19, 2020

In order to assist UN country teams in scaling up country preparedness and response to COVID-19, WHO has developed these learning modules as a companion to the Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response.

The training is intended:

  • For UN country teams (UNCTs)

  • For other relevant stakeholders, including partners, donors and civil society

  • To support national readiness and preparedness for COVID-19

  • To help countries increase their capacity to respond to COVID-19

  • To increase international coordination for response and preparedness

  • To streamline the process of coordinating resources and assessing country preparedness level

This learning package consists of 3 modules with videos and downloadable presentations.

Course contents

  • Module 1: Mission and purpose of this program (incl. COVID-19 knowledge): This module provides a description of the purpose and context for this learning package, leadership words and relevant COVID-19 knowledge.

  • Module 2: Country-level preparedness and response: This module provides an introduction to Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response, and access to relevant information and documentation.

  • Module 3: Pillars of the public health response: This module is technical deep dive into each of the 8 pillars of the public health response as described by the Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response.

Key learning objectives:

  • Be able to educate yourself and others about the importance of operationalizing the SPRP for the COVID-19 outbreak using the Operational Planning Guidelines

  • Be able to describe the 8 major pillars of public health preparedness and response and initial actions to be taken by the UN country teams

  • Be able to access the full set of actions, performance indicators and resources needed to conduct the preparedness level assessment using the COVID-19 Partners Platform for country preparedness and response plans

Course duration: Approximately 1 hour for Modules 1 and 2 and another hour for Module 3.

Certificates: A Record of Achievement will be available to participants who score 80% or higher in the cumulative course assessment for both Modules 1 and 2. Module 3 is free of any certification.


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